Note: pocl’s HSA support is currently in experimental stage.

The experimental HSA driver works with AMD Kaveri or Carrizo APUs using an AMD’s HSA Runtime implementation using the HSAIL-supported LLVM and Clang. Also, generic HSA Agent support (e.g. for your CPU) can be enabled using the phsa project.

Installing prerequisite software

1) Install an HSA AMD runtime library implementation

For AMD devices, pre-built binaries can be found here:


This usually installs into /opt/hsa. Make sure to read Q&A in README.md (it lists some common issues (like /dev/kfd permissions) and run sample/vector_copy to verify you have a working runtime.

Alternatively, you can use phsa to add generic HSA support on your gcc-supported CPU. Its installation instructions are here:


2) Build & install the LLVM with HSAIL support

Fetch the HSAIL branch of LLVM 3.7:

git clone https://github.com/HSAFoundation/HLC-HSAIL-Development-LLVM/ -b hsail-stable-3.7

Fetch the upstream Clang 3.7 branch:

cd HLC-HSAIL-Development-LLVM/tools
svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/branches/release_37 clang

Patch it:

cd clang; patch -p0 < PATHTO-POCL/tools/patches/clang-3.7-hsail-branch.patch

An LLVM cmake configuration command like this worked for me:

cd ../../
mkdir build
cd build

-DHSAIL_USE_LIBHSAIL=OFF is only for safety. If you accidentally build clang with libHSAIL, it will cause mysterious link errors later when building pocl.

Change the INSTALL_DIR to your installation location of choice. Note that these are required:


Also, if you don’t want to build all the default targets, you’ll need AMDGPU.

Then build and install the Clang/LLVM:

make -j4 && make install

3) Get HSAIL-Tools

Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/HSAFoundation/HSAIL-Tools

Then either copy HSAILasm executable to /opt/hsa/bin, or give the path to HSAILasm on the build command line (see below)

4) Build pocl

Using cmake:

mkdir build ; cd build

It should result in “hsa” appearing in pocl’s targets to build. -DSINGLE_LLVM_LIB=off workarounds an LLVM 3.7 build system issue.

5) Run tests & play around

After building pocl, you can smoke test the HSA driver by executing the HSA tests of the pocl testsuite:


HSA Support notes

Note that the support is still experimental and very much unfinished. You’re welcome to try it out and report any issues, though.

For more details, see HSA support implementation status as of 2016-05-17